Inside Tracker Special

Back in December I went to Boston Quantified Self Meetup #8 Measurements: Big and Small. Inside Tracker showed a demo of their platform and approach. They mentioned that “the current health system is taking care of the sick and not promoting our overall health and wellness”. Gil Blander invited volunteers to test their application by doing two blood tests before and after following their recommendations. I gladly signed up in return to share results of my experiment.

I did my blood test in a lab nearby (they have participating labs all over the country) and my results appeared on my web dashboard in 2 days. 11 biomarkers were analyzed, including calcium, glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin, etc. Suggested healthy ranges were generated based on my personal data (gender, age, height, weight,etc.), and my results were depicted on the graph (within the range or outside of it). 6 out of 11 markers were outside of the suggested range.

In Inside Tracker database demographic information of 100k subjects is connected to blood markers levels. Segterra’s knowledge and food database (about 20K) are based on 1000s of clinical studies about the effects of food supplement & exercise on blood markers levels and performance.

On the first screen, where I see my biomaker graphs, I can also find white papers with detailed research about what can improve biomarkers.

The second screen contains recommendations on certain foods to include or exclude from my diet. You can look at all foods listed to help you work with particular biomarkers.

And the third screen is about creating your own personalized menu, which calculates the number of calories and suggested food intake linked to your biomarker improvement. You can manipulate the menu generation on different levels: by number of calories, type of diet (vegan, etc.), based on what you need to improve, by locking some components. So far I’ve been following some food and exercise recommendations. Going forward I’ll be tracking what I eat and my subjective health and happiness using my happiness formula. At the end of two months I will take blood test again to see if my objective health improved.

My favorites about Inside Tracker so far:

  1. Transparency of my results. ”It is what’s inside that counts!”
  2. Measurability: quantitative graphs answer how far I am from the suggested range and how much of each biomarker I need to improve?
  3. Cause-effect drivers help with motivation and locus of control.
  4. Customization: ability to eliminate foods and create customized menu based on recommendations.

More on Inside Tracker:

Video presentation

Raj Mehta’s blog post:

Alexandra Carmichael’s blog post:

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