Inner Peace (Part Two)

Soothsayer: The most important time is now. But if you really want to see the future.
Shen: Oh, what do you see?
Soothsayer: A peacock is defeated by a warrior of black and white. Nothing has changed.
Shen: That’s impossible, and you know it.
Soothsayer: It is not impossible, and he knows it.
Shen: Who?

Wolf Boss: Lord Shen, I saw a panda!
Shen: A panda! There are no more panda’s.
Soothsayer: Even with his poor eye sight, he can see the truth. Why is it that you cannot?

[after failing at his attempts to go stealth mode to get closer to the palace]
Monkey: So that was stealth mode, huh?
Po: Uh…to be honest, not one of my stronger modes.

Master Ox: It’s time to surrender, panda. Kung Fu is dead. [in despair]
Po: I…ooh…you…you…! Kung Fu is de…ad! Fine! You stay in your prison of fear, with bars made of hopelessness. And all you get are three square meals a day of shame!
Master Croc: With despair for dessert.
Po: We’ll take on Shen. And prove to all those who are hungry for justice and honor, that Kung Fu still lives! [a boar in one of the prison cells shouts bleakly]
Boar: Yeah!

Po: Nothing’s unstoppable except for me when I’m stopping you from telling me something’s unstoppable!

Master Shifu: Remember dragon warrior, when you follow the noble path, anything is possible.

[as the guerrilla guards are chaining Po and the others]
Crane: You can chain my body. But you will never chain my …warrior spirit!

Soothsayer: The cup you choose to fill has no bottom. It is time to stop this madness.
Shen: Why on earth would I do that?
Soothsayer: So your parents can rest in peace.
Shen: My parents hated me. Do you understand? They wronged me. And I will make it right.
Soothsayer: They loved you. They loved you so much that having to send you away killed them.
Shen: The dead exist in the past. And I must attend to the future.

Po: No more running, Shen!
Shen: So it seems.
Po: Now, answers.
Shen: Oh, you want to know so badly. You think knowing will heal you, huh? Fill some crater in your soul? Well here’s your answer. Your parents didn’t love you.
[Po looks grief stricken]
Shen: But here, let me heal you.
[he releases a cannon from his weapon shooting straight into Po]

[after Po has defeated all the cannon balls thrown at him and destroyed Shen’s ships

Shen: How did you…how did you do it?
Po: You know, you just keep your elbows up and keep the shoulders loose.
Shen: Not that! How did you find peace? I took away your parents. Everything! I…I scarred you for life.
Po: See, that’s the thing, Shen. Scars heal.
Shen: No, they don’t. Wounds heal.
Po: Oh, yeah. What do scars do? They fade I guess.
Shen: I don’t care what scars do.
Po: You should, Shen. You’ve gotta let go of that stuff from the past, cause it just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.
Shen: You’re right. Then I choose…this!
[he suddenly draws his sword and swings it at Po]

[after he’s finally defeated Shen]
Shifu: It seems you have found inner peace. At such a young age!
Po: Well, I had a pretty good teacher.
Mr. Ping: So, how did it go? Did you save China?
Po: Yep.
Mr. Ping: Well, I knew you would. That’s why I had new signs made.
[holds up the sign with Po’s picture on it]
Mr. Ping: My son saved China. You too can save. Buy one dumpling, get one free!

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