My Landmark Forum Insight (Part Three)

9. The world is the way it is and others are the way they are. No one owes you anything; no one is really in your way to achieve anything.

In life there are no problems. People do all kinds of things, sometimes hurting to us. But that is what happens. Change your perception/expectation and make action. Be the player, because for the player there is not “is” nature or “I” nature. There is just being.

No matter what circumstances are, deal with them in constructive manner. Like in hockey, you are in the game of falling down and getting up as quickly as possible, not sitting on ice and crying about being mistreated. The game is to be trying to get out of the issue. And the most important thing – you can choose your game. And if you still think there are problems, you can choose your problems too. You can create good problems to get rid of small ones. Replace small problems with big problems. Example, instead of being depressed about your extra weight, start a campaign to eradicate hunger around the world.

There are many possibilities and you can create anything you want in your life.

10. You are not stuck with who you end up being. You are not what happened to you. You are whole, complete and unbroken, and no one needs to fix you. You just need to choose yourself. When you choose, there are no likes or dislikes.

You are not deciding to be more, better, different, but you choose to be certain way. When you choose there is no doubt what you are and what you are not. You are not to prove anything or try to be anything, you just are what you create.

How do you do it? When reality doesn’t match your opportunity, you declare your new possibility with your word and enroll others into your new world of possibility. And then you register in it by making action.


Usually world creates the word. It should be the other way around. Your word creates your world. Foundation of integrity should be our declaration: “I will honor my word, I’m my word!”

Action is correlated with the way you see the world. Being is consistent with your actions. Have authentic communication with those who support you. Focus on things that matter to you. Don’t postpone the moment when you might get happy or have future accomplishment. There is nothing out there in the future, because then and there is now. Actions give you results and they go to the past, which is nothing. The rules of creation are to understand our defense mechanism/human reaction and make a difference that makes a positive difference.

My own take on this is our own clearing work. We can re-write our own biography, no one would know the difference, in terms of how we felt. In history the winner creates his glorious story. My favorite book about it is “Chapaev and Emptiness” by Victor Pelevin. So in our case, since we are the winner and the loser of our own life we fabricate our own story. What will we choose to be? Will we choose the story that we want or we don’t? Are we the loser or the winner? We can create everything from nothing, and our suffering could become our blessing. We can create our own meaning to our own life. “People living deeply have no fear of death” ~Anais Nin.

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